Affirmative Action 

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  Equal Employment ​

  Workforce Investigations | Impact Ratio Analyses | Compensation Reviews | EEO Reporting | Adverse Impact 

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  Pay Equity Analyses

​  Pay Equity Audits | Comparable Character & Similarly Situated Analyses | Regression & Cohort Analyses 

eeo logic is an Equal Employment, pay equity, and Affirmative Action consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon.

Our experienced team members understand the complex equal employment laws and remain current on the latest developments and trends.   We are invested in understanding each individual client, their industry, and employment practices.    We provide proactive analyses, regulatory guidance and support our clients throughout audits.​​  

Backed by years of combined regulatory, legal and human resources experience, we go beyond compliance.  Our team of professionals offer a combined 50 years experience, accurate and comprehensive reports, consistent turnaround time, a proven track record with audits, and friendly support throughout the year.  We are committed to helping our clients succeed.